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EcoSmart Insulating Blinds - Blinds that pay for themselves
EcoSmart Insulating blinds are attractive cellular window blinds, that restrict heat loss out of windows and look good as well
They are designed for long life, ease of operation and high energy savings due to the honeycombed construction and side tracks which traps air between the blind and the window.
EcoSmart Insulating blinds can double the efficiency of Double glazing. (That’s half the amount of heat escaping)
EcoSmart Insulating Blinds triple the efficiency of single glazing and look good on Sash windows, they also inhibit the flow of draughts because of the side tracks. References are available from customers who have fitted them to Sash Windows.
Fabric Features:
High Energy Efficiency
Low maintenance
Dust repellent
Easy to Clean
Fully submersible washable blind
Most popular colours
Neutral exterior
3/8” Double Cell
Lets in light when closed
Stain away
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