3 Different Types Of Wall Insulation Available

Almost 30% of your  heat  escapes through your walls.

Insulating the walls of your house is the equivalent to wrapping it in a
thermal warm blanket. Heat always flows from a warm area to a cooler area and
insulation between or on the walls helps slow this transfer of heat from the
warm air inside your home  to the cooler outside air. There are three
types of wall insulation for different wall constructions.

Cavity Wall Insulation (Pumping insulation into your existing cavity in the wall)

Drylining/Internal Insulation (Insulating all inside perimeter walls in your home)

External Insulation EWI (Insulating all  outside walls in your home)

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2 Responses to 3 Different Types Of Wall Insulation Available

  1. frank says:

    Can you explain more about how the process of Cavity wall works, the front of my house has red brick and the side and back has a type of white dashing? Semi D

  2. admin says:

    Hi Frank
    Cavity walls are pumped by drilling small holes less than 22mm a €2 coin (in a pattern set out by the SEAI & NSAI) the cavity is filled with a high grade polystyrene insulation under 2/3 bar air pressure and glue. The holes are filled with mortar to match the existing finish.
    Normally there is a cavity behind red brick and this can be pumped with insulation
    However some houses in Dublin are built with hollow/cavity blocks and are finished in a dash plaster to the back /sides and red brick to front . The hollow /cavity block would require another insulation solution.
    I have seen houses in the same estate that look the same but have very different wall construction.
    I would suggest that you give us a call and We could do quick wall inspection and give to the best advise and cost effective solution to insulate your home