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Attic Insulation can help to reduce heat loss through the attic space. It is a perfect solution for house owners who are looking for cost-effective house heating options.
So what is attic insulation?
Its principle is quite simple. It is often compared to covering your house with a coat. We all know that warm air is lighter as compared to cold air.
Consequently, when you heat your house, it rises up. If your home is not insulated properly, this air will simply escape from your house (usually through its roof).
On the other hand, if there is a layer of isolating material under the roof, it will not allow warm air to escape from your house, thus keeping it properly heated all the time.
As a result, this solution proves to be energy efficient, which eventually helps you save money.
Attic insulation is extremely popular nowadays. It comes in different types, depending on the material used. Thus, we may differentiate between fiberglass isolation (which is frequently compared to a huge blanket), foam insulation and loose-fit materials (including cellulose fibers and mineral wool).
Fiberglass and loose-fit isolation have practically the same principle of functioning. The only difference is that the first material is rolled into the required place and the second one is available in packs and just has to be spread into the holes between the floor of your attic and the joists.
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